black oxide

Black Oxide

The Sousa Corp offers the Tru Temp black oxide finishing process. Utilizing a unique two-stage oxidation process, the Tru Temp process forms a black magnetite finish on all iron and non-stainless steel parts. The Tru Temp process operates effectively at much lower temperatures than ordinary black oxide. The resulting finish is a protective black finish- 0.000020" (1 micron) thick, with an attractive black appearance equivalent to that of regular black oxide.

Key Benefits

Corrosion Protection – Depending on the post-treatment applied, Tru Temp black oxide withstands 100-300 hours salt spray.

Dimensional Stability – Black oxide adds no more than - 0.000020" (1 micron) to the dimension of a part. This is basically an unmeasurable change in size. This provides corrosion protection for critical-size parts.

Improved Lubricity – Oil post-treatment not only protects against corrosion, but the oil itself results in smoother running, mating parts.

Decorative Finish – The black oxide process creates an attractive uniform black finish. Some parts will achieve a glossy finish, while others will present more of a matte finish.


Our black oxide tanks are 30" wide X 30" long X 28" high. If you have a part that approaches these dimensions please call us to verify that we can process it.